Houman was born in October of 1973 has been singing and playing the guitar in pop, rock and fusion genres since 1987. He studied solfege and classical guitar with Alen Gharbi and Behdad Moghaddasi and Kurdish traditional vocals with Nadjmeh Tajaddod (Kamkar). He soon discovered that his passion lay more in vocal music, which led him to start doing covers of popular western pop and jazz as well as Iranian pop and folk music.

He launched his first solo album, Say-e Khod (My Own Shadow) in 1999 in Iran with music by Babak Amini. He has performed in over 30 live concerts in Tehran between 2001 to 2013 and his voice can also be heard on the original soundtracks of several Iranian movies and TV series. In addition to leading his own band, he has collaborated with several others including Raz-e Shab, Rumi and Darkoob. Houman moved to Canada in 2015 and has been working with Babak Amini since. Houman holds an MS degree in architecture from the Azad University of Arts and Architecture of Tehran/Iran.