CESARE BIANNI is one of Toronto’s top fashion boutiques and destination for luxurious designer clothes.Located in Richmond Hill, our unique boutique is a treasure trove of evening wear for special occasions and our spectacular windows are a feast for the eyes! We are proud to provide beautiful, stylish evening wear, day wear, coats, and accessories combined with unparalleled personal service to men/women around the world. It starts with a great thought and is realised through to perfection by our attention to the tiniest of details. We source our clothings from all over the world and our expert design team draft every piece.

The clothing line started as a collection of CESARE BIANNI dresses in Greater Toronto Area in 2002. It was first shown mostly at fashion shows and special events. Later on, Bahman opened his first boutique in Richmond Hill, Ontario at 160 East Beaver Creek Blvd.

Our vision is to celebrate design and preciousness in fine clothing and to create a brand that represents all that is good and proper about Fashion Luxury. From the grandest of ideas, we have built CESARE BIANNI on a simple belief that every person should be afforded the luxury of Going Precious Every Day.